UCLA Samueli Shool of Engineering
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Jonathan P. Stewart, Ph.D., P.E.

Jonathan P. Stewart, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor, UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, UCLA

Research Group

Photo Name Title Degree(s) Topic(s)
Paolo Zimmaro, Ph.D., P.E. Associate Professor, University of Calabria, Italy; Research Affiliate, UCLA Risk Institute PhD, U. Calabria, Italy (2015) Data analytics, remote sensing, geotechnical earthquake engineering
Tristan E. Buckreis, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Scholar PhD, UCLA (2022); MS, UCLA (2018); BS, Cal. State Long Beach (2017) NGA-West3 Project Database; Regional modeling of path and site effects; HVSR applications in site response
Kenneth S. Hudson Research Engineer PhD, UCLA (2023); MS, UCLA (2020); MS, UCSB (2017); BS UCSB (2016) Next Generation Liquefaction Database and Probabilistic Liquefaction Model Development
Timothy M. O'Donnell Ph.D. Candidate MS, UCLA (2021); BS SUNY Buffalo (2017) Remote sensing of geohazards, epistemic uncertainty in seismic hazards
Maria Elisa Ramos-Sepulveda Ph.D. Candidate MS, N. Carolina State Univ. (2020); BS Univ. Puerto Rico, Mayaguez (2018) Data-Informed Earthquake Ground Motion Characterization in Central and Eastern North America
Shako Ahmed Mohammed Ph.D. Candidate MS, Univ. Exeter, UK (2016); BS Univ. Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan (2008) Applications of Community Seismic Network ground motion data
Francisco Javier Ornelas Ph.D. Candidate MS, UCLA (2022); BS Univ. Pacific, Stockton, CA (2020) HVSR database and application for site response prediction
Arda Sahin Ph.D. Student MS (2023), BS (2021), Middle Eastern Technical Univ., Ankara, TK NGL database for and modeling of liquefaction susceptibility
John Stapleton Ph.D. Student MS (2021), BS (2018), Cal. State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA Seismic hazard and water distribution system risk in Central Valley, CA