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Jonathan P. Stewart, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor, UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, UCLA


 Current Research Projects

Next-Generation Liquefaction Project. Graduate student/alumnus: Kenneth Hudson, Paolo Zimmaro. PEER, SWRI, NRC
Geo-hazards risk assessment to natural gas storage and pipeline infrastructure. PIs: Y Bozorgnia, A Mosleh. Post doc: Pengfei Wang. Collaborators: P Zimmaro, D Assimaki, EM Rathje. CEC
Global rapid damage mapping system with spaceborne SAR data. Graduate students: Timothy O'Donnel. Collaborators: P Zimmaro, Sang-Ho Yun. NASA/JPL.
HVSR database and application for site response prediction. Post-Doc: Pengfei Wang. Collaborators: P. Zimmaro, SJ Brandenberg, SK Ahdi, A Yong. CSMIP, USGS.
Site response predictability and repeatability. Graduate student: Pengfei Wang. CSMIP, USGS.
Site response in sedimentary basins and other geomorphic provinces. Post-Doc: Chukwuebuka C. Nweke. Collaborators: SJ Brandenberg, C Goulet, RW Graves. USGS, SCEC
Site response of peaty organic soils in San Francisco/San Joaquin Delta region of California. Graduate student: Tristan Buckreis; Post-doc: Pengfei Wang. Collaborator: SJ Brandenberg. CDWR.
Non-ergodic site response and its implementation in seismic hazard analysis. Graduate alumni: Kioumars Afshari, Alessia Vecchietti, Christine Goulet. Collaborators: David Teague, Kevin Milner. PEER, USGS, CSMIP, SCEC.
Shear wave velocity and HVSR databases in support of site response research and applications. Postdoc: Pengfei Wang. Graduate alumnus: Sean Ahdi. Collaborators: Paolo Zimmaro, Alan Yong, Scott Brandenberg, others. USGS, COSMOS
Seismic response of retaining structures. Collaborators: SJ Brandenberg, M Durante, G Mylonakis. Caltrans
NGA-Subduction database and ground motion models. Graduate students/alumni: Sean Ahdi, Victor Contreras, Grace Parker. Collaborators: Y Bozorgnia, S Mazzoni, T Kishida, DM Boore, GM Atkinson, B Hassani, others
Site amplification in central and eastern north America. Graduate student: Maria Ramos-Sepulveda; Graduate alumnus: Grace Parker. Collaborators: Youssef Hashash, Ellen Rathje. PEER, USGS
Geotechnical Extreme Event Reconnaissance (GEER) Association. Co-PI. NSF

 Web Products of Completed Work

Implementation of Ground Response Analysis Results in PSHA
Ground Failure from September 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake
Calibration Sites for Validation of Nonlinear Geotechnical Models
UCLA-NEES Equipment Site