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  • Post-wildfire slope stability and geoenvironmental impacts of wildfires

    1. CAREER: Spatial quantification of fundamental mechanisms that initiate post-wildfire wetting-induced shallow landslides, National Science Foundation (CMMI 2042688), 01/22 – 12/26, $567,113.
    2. Time-dependent effects of wildfire ash and root decay on hydrologic behavior and shallow landslide susceptibility of wildfire-burnt slopes, National Science Foundation (CMMI 1932129), 08/19–05/22, $196,286.
    3. Post-fire water quality effects of biopolymer and polymer stabilization of burnt Washington hillslopes, State of Washington Water Research Center, 06/21 – 05/22, $29,732, Role: PI, Collaborator: Amanda Hohner (WSU CEE).
    4. Post-wildfire stability and improvement of hillslopes near Pacific Northwest infrastructure to increase mobility, USDOT (PacTrans), 08/19 – 11/21, $40,000.


    1. Translating from kangaroo rat burrows to geotechnical engineering by uncovering fundamental processes, National Science Foundation (CMMI 2049636), 01/22 – 12/24, $640,590, Role: PI, Collaborators: Haluk Beyenal (WSU ChemE), Clint Collins (Cal State Sacramento, Biology).

    Waste recycle and reuse

    1. Utilization and limitations of using recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) as roadway embankment and structural backfill, Illinois Tollway, 01/20 – 12/21, $149,252, Role: co-PI, Collaborators: Haifang Wen (PI), Balasingam Muhunthan (WSU CEE); and Tuncer Edil (UW-Madison CEE).
    2. Conversion of common DSP minerals into 2:1 clay-type minerals Phase 2, 03/19 – 07/20, $163,303 Emirates Global Aluminium, Role: PI, Collaborator: John S. McCloy (WSU MME).
    3. Conversion of common DSP minerals into 2:1 clay, 05/04/18 - 03/04/2019, $49,945 Emirates Global Aluminium, Role: PI, Collaborator: John S. McCloy (WSU MME).

    Unsaturated soil mechanics

    1. Evaluating the contribution of soil organic carbon to improved water-holding capacity through increased compaction resistance, WSU BIOAg Grant Program, 03/20 – 12/21, $38,737, Role: co-PI, Collaborators (WSU Soil Science): Gabriel LaHue (PI), Markus Flury, Haly Neely, and Andy Bary.
    2. Strength and stiffness of unsaturated clay in relation to internal stress state, 05/18 – 08/19, $15,371 WSU Seed Grant.

    Geoenvironmental engineering

    1. Water vapor sorption and hydraulic conductivity of polymer-modified geosynthetic clay liners, GeoTechnical Women Faculty Seed Grant Program, 03/20 – 06/21, $5,000, Role: PI, Collaborators: Kuo Tian (George Mason CEE).
    2. Evaluation of on-site and in-situ treatment alternatives for contaminated soils, 01/18 – 04/21, $454,979 Illinois Center for Transportation, Role: co-PI, Collaborators: Amanda Hohner (PI), Xianming