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Open Access Policy

As part of UCLA's Open Access Policy, I have posted links to the official version of each journal paper and to an open access version in some cases. The open access version is free, and is generally the final version of the manuscript submitted to the journal. The journal link goes to the official version of the typeset paper, which is copyright protected and might not be free for you to download. I recommend using the journal version when feasible.

Journal Papers

  1. Whitehead, R., Schreyer, L., and Akin, I.D., 2024, “A multi-scale model of overburden pressure and water content in montmorillonite-bearing clayey soils,” Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, accepted for publication.
  2. Akin, I.D., Tirkes, S., and Collins, C.E., 2023, “Geotechnical insights of mammal burrows in loose desert sand,” Acta Geotechnica,
  3. Akin, I.D., Akinleye, T., and Robichaud, P.R., 2023, “Changes in soil properties over time after a wildfire and implications to slope stability,” J. Geotech. Geoenviron. Eng., 149(7): 04023045.
  4. Barzegar, M., Wen, H., Mivechi, M., Akin, I.D., and Edil T.B., “Investigation of excessive settlement involving recycled asphalt pavement in highway embankment”, Transportation Geotechnics, Vol. 40: 100991.
  5. Barzegar, M., Wen, H., Akin, I.D., and Edil T.B., 2023 “Laboratory assessment of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) as roadway embankment material,” Transportation Research Record,
  6. Lee, J., Fratta, D., Akin, I.D., 2022, “Shear strength and stiffness behavior of fine-grained soils at different surface hydration conditions,” Canadian Geotechnical Journal, doi:
  7. Akin, I.D., Garnica, S.S., Robichaud, P.R., and Brown, R.E., 2022, “Surficial stabilization of wildfire-burnt hillslopes using xanthan gum and polyacrylamide,” Geotechnical and Geological Engineering,
  8. Bollinger, D., Erickson, J., Stone-Weiss, N., Lere-Adams, J., Karcher, S., Akin, I.D., and McCloy, J.S., 2021, “Structure of amorphous aluminosilicates obtained from mineral transformation: potential path for partial remediation of alkaline waste,” Environmental Advances, doi:
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Conference Papers

  1. Ahmed, A., Hohner, A.K., Robichaud P.R., and Akin, I.D., 2023, “Effects of post-wildfire erosion and wildfire ash on downstream water quality,” ICEG2023, Chania, Greece.
  2. Ahmed, A., Robichaud P.R., and Akin, I.D., 2023, “Evaluation of water vapor sorption isotherms to quantify wildfire ash in soil,” GeoCongress 2023, Los Angeles, CA.
  3. Ahmed, A., Hohner, A.K., Robichaud, P.R., and Akin, I.D., 2022, “Geoenvironmental impacts of post-wildfire hillslope stabilization with xanthan gum and polyacrylamide,” GeoCongress 2022, Charlotte, NC.
  4. Akinleye, T.O., Hohner, A.K., Shi, X., and Akin, I.D., 2022, “Influence of Electrochemical Remediation on the Hydraulic and Mechanical Behavior of a Metal-Contaminated Clayey Soil,” GeoCongress 2022, Charlotte, NC.
  5. Akin, I.D., Chen, J., Benson, C.H., and Likos, W.J., 2018, “Evaluation of water vapor sorption and electrical conductivity methods to determine bentonite content of a soil-bentonite barrier,” IFCEE 2018, Orlando, FL.
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Technical Reports

  1. Wen, H., Barzegar, M., Mivechi, M., Akin, I., Muhunthan, B., and Edil, T., 2022, “Utilization and limitations of using recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) as roadway embankment material,” Illinois Tollway.
  2. Akin, I.D., 2021, “Post-wildfire stability and improvement of hillslopes near PNW transportation infrastructure to increase mobility,” Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium.
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  4. Pelletier, A., Hohner, A., Akin, I.D., Chowdhury, I., Watts, R., Shi, X., Dutmer, B., and Mueller, J. 2021, “Bench-scale electrochemical treatment of co-contaminated clayey soil,” Illinois Center for Transportation.
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