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Open Access Policy

As part of UCLA's Open Access Policy, I have posted links to the official version of each journal paper and to an open access version in some cases. The open access version is free, and is generally the final version of the manuscript submitted to the journal. The journal link goes to the official version of the typeset paper, which is copyright protected and might not be free for you to download. I recommend using the journal version when feasible.


  1. Brandenberg, S.J., Stewart, J.P., and Moss, R.E.S. (2010). "Characterizing the Seismic Threat to California's Water Supply." GeoStrata, March/April, 36-39.
  2. Brandenberg, S.J., and Stewart, J.P. (2014). "Op-Ed: Earthquakes pose a hazard to much of California's fresh water." Los Angeles Times, August 28. [linkOpens a new window]