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Compressibility Properties Virgin Compression Index, Cc
Recompression Index, Cr
Reference Pressure, σ'v,ref kPa
Reference Void Ratio, eσv',ref
Specific Gravity of Solids, Gs
Permeability Properties Reference Permeability, kref m/s
Reference Void Ratio, ek,ref
Coefficient of Permeability Variation, Ck
Secondary Compression Properties Secondary Compression Input Type: Secondary Compression Index, Cα
Time at End of Primary, tp s
Loading Conditions Height, H m
Initial Overburden Pressure, qo kPa
Vertical Total Stress Change, Δq kPa
Initial Excess Pore Pressure Ratio, ru

Number of Elements, N
Number of Time Steps
Max Time, tmax s
Convergence Tolerance, tol
Drainage Boundary Condition
Output Options
Settlement Versus Time
Plotted Pore Pressures (10 isochrones)
Plotted Void Ratios (10 isochrones)
Plotted Nodal Depths (10 isochrones)
Plotted Effective Stresses (10 isochrones)
All Pore Pressures (Ntime isochrones)
All Void Ratios (Ntime isochrones)
All Nodal Depths (Ntime isochrones)
All Effective Stress (Ntime isochrones)

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Citation Brandenberg, S.J. (2017). “iConsol.js: A javascript implicit finite difference code for nonlinear consolidation and secondary compression.” International Journal of Geomechanics, 17(6)
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